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03 June 2014


Mike Evans

I'm so grateful to the young Italian barber in Camden who, when I asked for my groomed back style (like yours but shorter) said "Why? Your hair all grows forward, lots of guys wish their hair did that. Why don't go with what your hair does naturally and have a French crop?" 30 Years of fighting nature ended that day and the price of haircuts halved.

Talking of which, I must go for a cut soon because next week I am going to Blackpool for YOU KNOW WHAT!

sue katz

Yes, having someone tell you which way your hair actually grows is useful. But I must object to you cheating on me with Blackpool! Who are you going with?

Mike Evans

I go alone!

However I must drop M a line as I'm sure she is staying at the same hotel. When I emailed to confirm my booking P & D asked me to pass on their good wishes to you. Clearly you made an impression my dear.

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