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14 September 2014


rita connolly

I believe corn is used to make fuel ethanol. Other things too but this is big these days.

There will be plenty of food cost going up.

Look into delivery of sustainably grown food. Can be delivered to your door. I got lemons all summer. Food from small farm not too far north. They dug their wells deeper this year. The Central Valley where US shipped food comes from has none to dig for.

No one can free the lemons until rain is free. Not happening soon.

sue katz

Thanks Rita. I'm a bit too in motion - leaving for chunks of time frequently - to be part of most cooperative and local food initiatives. But it certainly sounds cool. One thing I know - local produce tastes better!


Here is your answer, Katzela. I know you go away but there are self watering options.


Meanwhile, we anticipate the ripening of your birthday apples, the source for sauce.

sue katz

Oh, I'd LOVE to have lemons growing around here. Shame I just gave away all my pots that I bought for the balcony garden that never happened. I will definitely try this, V.

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