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12 October 2014



and the GOP continue to act like Margaret Thatcher!
Sounds like a good movie and maybe some groups will get together because of it!!!

Mike Evans

Heh - I just knew you'd love it! I've been recommending it to everyone and have had several thank-yous from people who had a brilliant time.

sue katz

So glad to have seen it. Liv - you should take Mike's advice and see it as well.


Thanks, Katzela. Hope we get Pride up here. I love a quirky coalition.

sue katz

John Scaglioti should get a copy and show it to everyone, V.

Sheila Parks

G.R.E.A.T. review, Sue. I wanted to go and have not yet. This week, hopefully
Trailer is amazing.

sue katz

You in particular, Sheila, will love it! Let me know.


I wanted to see it anyway, but after this review I REALLY want to see it. Thanks, Sue.


I saw this film over the weekend and was blown away! I just reposted your review of it to my FB page. I’m not a huge movie lover or an emotional movie goer, but PRIDE really moved me in so many different ways. Thanks for writing this.

sue katz

Oh Steph, how lovely to wake up (in Las Vegas) to your note. I'm glad that you and I continue to be, as they say in Hebrew, "of one head," and thanks so much for thinking of my little review.

Sue Katz

I'm away, hiding and writing. If you don't hear from me promptly, that's why. Best, Sue

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