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15 June 2015


Sue Kelman

Oh my oh my. These guys are HOT!

Joan Price

Wow, what a routine! Such skill, such passion! I live in Sonoma County, an area of Northern California that has an inclusive WC Swing dance scene. Wish you could be dancing here!

Mike Evans

Personally my solution has been to dance where I feel welcome. I'm fortunate enough to have the option to do that in London. But also my local dance school has been most welcoming and my teacher has no issue with my leading or following in our 1-2-1 lessons. In fact if I'm not leading it right she turns me round and leads me so I can feel what the lead should feel like.

Some time soon though I'm going to pitch up at one of the dances they hold with a male partner, or with a female leader and see what happens. Their students are generally older and Tonbridge isn't known as a hub of queer acceptance.

sue katz

Let me know how it goes when you turn up with a male partner. That will be a good test! By the way, the picture of you and me at my 45th Ball is a bitmap, whatever that is, and typepad (ie this blog) would not load it. Do you have it in jpg?


You KNOW I'll dance with you anytime I'm not crisscrossing the country. You are one excellent leader!

Heather gladding

Same old same....life never changes does it Spike? Even today, in good old UK, where you would expect it to be coming around to being the norm it isn't. The battle still goes on....many years have gone by and still we fight on but I enjoy a good confrontation!!!!! Xxxxxxx keep it up, you can't say the good old USA is particularly Gay friendly, you still don't have gay marriage in every state. It migth take a wee bit more time xxxx

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