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13 July 2015


Mike Evans

What a beautiful moment. Individual compassion is a jewel amongst so much collective violence.

sue katz

Thanks Mike. It's so hard to be away when your heart is back in another reality.


This is a moving reminder Sue not only of the pain of isolation and of home been torn apart but also of the healing power of compassion and reaching out.
Made me also remember working with Chinese immigrants in Bristol a long while ago teaching self-defence as the community were being subjected to many racist attacks.They were a fabulous group and every session finished with piles of Chinese buns and urns of Jasmine tea.

sue katz

Yes, last year I was teaching in a different elders project to a crew of Chinese immigrants, and at the end they showered me with such lovely gifts. They were so happy to be dancing. Even some men came along to that group.


No words... thank you.


Very well done.

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