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22 August 2015



I think it did. I miss her.

Joan Price

Wow. I haven't seen the documentary, but your commentary about the sexism of the industry and how it destroyed Amy is so powerful that I had to comment, if just to praise you.

Sheila Parks

I will go see this after your review. I live so on the margins, I never heard of her until last night and did not know who she was, still do not, really, until reading your very fine review.

I will google her after I send this off to you

I do not use the word "sexist" any longer, not for several years. I use only "misogynist."

Things are so bad for women out there, for me "misogyny" is the only word that works

And I am so happy now that black lives matter is also calling "racism" now for what it is "white supremacy"

My darling beloved dog companion, Esther, died 5 weeks ago and she was very young. I am still in raw grief

Mike Evans

Sounds like a remake of "Breaking Glass", a brilliant film from about 1980. Worth a re-watch if only for the brilliant music. Of course that was drama, so the ending isn't quite so tragic, but the story is the same one.

The answer to your fundamental question is, of course, complex. Let's face it Amy was not the first, regardless of sex to be chewed up and spat out by the music industry. Does the industry do that because it is dominated by men, or because it is dominated by greed? Greed is not a male prerogative, and women have plenty of ways of destroying others, especially other women, too.

Patricia Hilliard

I think many women and children (think Michael Jackson) are used and abused in the entertainment industry. It's a type of modern day slavery that everyone supports--this worship of the "talented one" the celebrity. The slave often lives a terrible life and dies early from drugs and loss of control of her/his life. The drive to make even more profit from the slave creates this cannibalism where a "well-meaning" handler pushes the slave to death. What a sad society we live in that we accept this as normal. It goes beyond appreciating someone's hard work and talent, it is total abuse and gives the "fans" a warped set of expectations.

sue katz

Joan, I'll be interested in what you think when you do see it (assuming you dug Amy - I was a huge fan for years - and therefore wanna see it.)

sue katz

So very sorry for your loss Sheila.

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