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13 November 2015



Dear Katz,
Really, omg. I Shudder to think what he had in his trunk. Good reflexes on your part to speed away! You have trained your reflexes well.
I don't recall how long ago in the road rage era I began literally to back off from passing a car in the lane next to me in order to move over to that lane. Now I deliberately slow down and slide in as I decelerate, which feels like more control. When slowing I can constantly check rear view and side view until there's an ample opening.
Boston has always had a bad rep for driver skill and manners, but this is over the top. Please move somewhere else. Eg Southern California.


Glad you got out of there! Yup dumb crazy world affecting everyone ...'some just leak out the fear and hate ...no where to hide from the terror and rage, except in the company of friends and community...'stay strong sister, stay strong.

sue katz

Tracy and Maria, thanks for the good wishes. What I forgot to include in the blog was that I locked all the doors instantly as soon as I realized that he had stopped right in front of me. But of course windows are made of glass, easy to shatter. This is such a violent country - and Boston less than most places, so this is a bad sign. Kisses.

Mike Evans

Crazy country. I don't want to belittle the loss of life in 9/11 but just to put in in perspective 2,977 victims died that day, whereas in 2013 there were 11,208 deaths by homicide using a firearm in the USA. There were also 32,719 road deaths. It's not the terrorists you need to be worried about. It's your neighbours.

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