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30 December 2015


Nancy Myron

Sue, thanks for the review. You put your finger on something that disquieted me when I saw the film. I went to see it with 6 other Lez-Fems. We were all in a festive mood about seeing the film. When we came out we all had a brief discussion on the sidewalk and then departed. My one criticism was the way they kissed. I couldnt help thinking of the Madeleine Kahn line from Young Frankenstein,"No tongues!" You're right that it lacked that wonderful emotional fire and electricity that I have felt when watching films that have.lesbian romance. Films like Desert Hearts, Les Bische(sp.), The Killing of Sister George and more recently, A Room In Dome. Thanks for your insights.

sue katz

Nancy, thanks for writing. I saw it with a bunch of dykes as well and we all left deflated. But I never heard of "A Room in Dome," so thanks for that - something to live for.

Nancy Myron

Sorry Katz, its A Room In Rome


How interesting! I have read several rave reviews, and a dyke friend was blown away by it just the other day. I have yet to see it, so I'll reserve judgement, but the dynamic is troubling; when I read your description of Therese above I was forcefully reminded of The Killing of Sister George -- and not in a good way.

On the other hand, watching the trailer I was struck by Rooney Mara's resemblance to Audrey Hepburn. In a GOOD way.

Thanks as ever for your insights, Katz.

sue katz

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Marj, and Happy New Year.


Thanks for your thoughtful review. I think I'll save my money for something more exciting!

sue katz

Steph, a lot of women really loved the film, so don't reject it only on the basis of my reaction!


I've heard other women have similar reviews of "Carol" - those whose opinions I generally agree with on things of this nature. And, I've had the feeling I won't like it anyhow. Movies are too expensive and my time too precious to spend recklessly. Thanks again for the review.

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