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08 December 2015


Charles Coe

Thanks for an informative review. Really looking forward to seeing this film. I'm a big fan of director Tom McCarthy, who made The Station Agent and The Visitor, two of my favorite movies. I'm glad he seems to have made a good transition from those jewel-like independent films to working on a larger canvas.

sue katz

Yes, this is a very talented director, Charles, as you point out. You'll like this film - the real-life journalists said it was uncannily accurate.

Sue Kelman

A friend told me he went to see it twice, and after my first viewing I completely understood. As a former reporter, I loved the 'insider' grittiness, but especially appreciated the general restraint that the actors showed to material that could have been over-the-top histrionic. Mark Ruffalo shines. Walk, don't run, to see it. Then go see 'Brooklyn" -- a totally different type of film but visually painterly and stunning. In 'Spotlight' you can almost smell the ink in the newsroom. Makes me wish I was an investigative reporter again.

sue katz

I'm going to see Brooklyn this week. Funny how there are several good movies around at the same time - usually there's many one in the midst of a sea of crap!

Mary Fusoni

I'm happy to see such a positive review, Sue. I was riveted by this film, and at the end, when screen after screen fills with the locations around the world where sexual abuse by priests has been uncovered, I was too shaken to move. Having been raised as a Catholic, I was personally affected by what went on. After the movie, I looked up the name of a priest from the parish where I grew up (I knew he was on the list at bishopaccountability.org), noticed there was no photo of him, and immediately sent off to the site a picture taken at my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. I was gratified to see it posted the next day.

sue katz

That's amazing, Mary, that you have directly contributed to the accountability of these fiends. Thanks so much for writing. I know so many folks brought up Catholic who wept and shook at the film. Thanks so much for writing.

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