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07 January 2016


Sue Kelman

I too am called -- this time for mid-March. And it is a motley crew in jury pools. Once when I did get on a trial, I was the lone bleeding heart. Figures. I find is kind of mesmerizing and odd all at the same time.
But it's a good reminder to pack well for all eventualities. I was hoping to find 4 for bridge. Fat chance.

Mike Evans

Somehow the right to be "tried by a jury of your peers" seems like a good thing. Until you get up and personal with your peers :)

It turns out that Judges are, on the whole, more fair-minded people than one's peers.

At 55 I've never been called either. Oddly my sister has been called twice: and cannot participate because she is a lawyer.

sue katz

Sue, the idea of a card game is great - and there is a side room with tables at this particular courtroom. Let me know how it goes.

And Mike, lawyers used to serve on juries in the States, apparently, but don't anymore. Strange tho that you haven't been called, having a stable address and all of that for so long. You'd make a good juror!

Verandah Porche

How lucky I am with hankies. green food, reading matter, a pencil. How strange that elders can't participate on juries. What we have learned matters. Thanks for your wrap-up.

sue katz

I think with a big effort people 70+ can challenge the exclusion on a one-by-one basis, but who is going to do that? (Other than a writer, perhaps.)

Alan Venable

California seems not to have an age limit. At least I was on duty (remotely) this week at age 71 but not asked to go in. Like someone notes above, while I appreciate the need for juries of peers (rather than of people systematically prejudiced against me in some way), my own civil trial experience was that we rendered what seemed to me a stupid judgment (against a bank!--but alas in favor of a type of crook from Pittsburgh I remember all to well from growing up there!). :-)

sue katz

Alan, a lawyer friend was explaining to me tonight that I was lucky not to be on the Grand Jury which only indicts people. He said the saying was that a GJ would indict a ham sandwich. I'd be curious to know the differences among the age ceilings in the different states. Thanks for writing.


A grand jury will indict anyone except a cop.

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