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23 January 2016


Charles Coe

Ahhh...the vanishing stickshift. I also have an automatic now because the dealer told me standards are more expensive now; not many people want them and they're harder to resell.

Great story about your father...

sue katz

I don't know how it is now in Europe, but when I was living there in the 1990s, it cost extra to have an automatic.


I learned on a stick shift and drove one till my current car. I asked for a stick shift and they said, not possible! That was in '03. What's a gal to do?

Yael L.

Wonderful story. Last century, we've talked about how you will teach me to park - I'm still with my scooter. BTW, manual cars cost less here.


My dad was the same, and yes, he too succumbed in the end.

You can't get a full driving licence in the UK unless you can drive a manual, and automatics are still more expensive.

sue katz

Yes, I always had a manual in London.

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