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02 February 2016


Sue O'Sullivan

I have an 18-year-old desk chair from IKEA. It raises and lowers to the height you want. I solve the back problem with one of those specialist back cushions which encourage the 'proper' sitting position - I tie it into place on the chair. You get them in specialist back treatment stores. Can't remember what you call them. No solution to the arm rests so often just have my left arm resting. I don't know whether it's 'good' for me or not, but I also have a medium size exercise ball rolled under the desk - it fits loosely but snuggly under it. I pop my legs up on it from time to time and it feels great to interrupt the downward flow of everything into my feet. I easily continue typing in this position. Have you tried IKEA? Of course if you could spend a fortune I bet you could find a solution and a thing of beauty. Love, sos
PS - class cancelled because teacher ill! I slept.

Mike Evans

Oh you do Grumpy Old Woman so well. A lifetime of training for the role has paid dividends. And because you are unhappy about something men must be to blame. Clearly all chair designers must be men because there is a glass ceiling preventing a woman ever designing a chair, or perhaps women were too busy doing more important things, like changing the world, running for POTUS, or designing handbags.

By the way, arm rests are generally a bad idea. They encourage you to keep your shoulders raised and prevent you pulling the chair close enough to the desk. If you must have a chair, get one without them. When I worked in offices I always unscrewed them and stored them under the desk so that I could replace them when I left.

My current personal solution to this problem is that I don't have a chair. Or a desk. I sit on the floor. No, I'm not a writer, but I do probably spend about five hours a day at the computer. My laptop rests on an upturned plastic storage box because it happens to be the right height and I've not yet found a suitable piece of furniture. I could probably get one if I ordered from Japan or Korea. Or I might design and make one.

I hope you are able to get comfy soon. xx

Patricia Hilliard

The chairs made for women (referred to as "typists" in the past) have short backs that don't allow you to rest your head and shoulders. I sat in those short-backed chairs for decades watching male executives lean back and rested their heavy heads. For my writing at home, I bought a high-back Staples chair and at 5'8" I just about fit. But those short-backed chairs left me with a lot of neck pain and the need for therapy. Furniture is always disappointing. It needs to be designed to fit the various shapes and sizes we all have.


Maybe if you asked for a pink one?


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