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03 March 2016



Just heard you on Women's Magazine this afternoon and loved your passion, attitude, and (of course) what you had to say. I am a Dread Millennial and have waffled between Clinton and Sanders these last few months. However, after listening to the program I realized that as much as I want a woman president, it wouldn't be true to my own feminist sensibilities to vote Clinton. Thanks for helping me cut through my own BS!

sue katz

Lauren! I'm in Venice, Italy, where it is very cold and won't stop raining, and your words warmed me up! Thanks so much for being so thoughtful and taking the time to find my blog and look me up. Let's be Facebook friends or something. Thanks.

Sue Katz

I'm out of the country with intermittent internet access, but I'll respond as soon as I can. Best, Sue

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