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28 August 2016


Mike Evans

I too love the wobbly bridge (a moniker it will retain I'm sure, even though the wobble was suppressed) and I'm so glad you got to the Tate in the end. I've yet to visit since they opened the new bit.

Of course it turned out that Anne Boleyn should have been a little more careful what she wished for. All the same, I think of her as one of the most influential women of Western history. Without her there might have been no Anglican church, thus no Episcopalian church in the USA. She was also mother of Elizabeth I, who turned out to be a stronger force than any male heir was likely to have been.

Sue Katz

Mike, that whole attempted manipulation of Rome by Henry VIII and then his creation of his own church points to the hypocrisy of organized religion, which is, like most things, the servant of the 1%. (Quit interrupting me while I'm so busy thinking about cleaning.)

Kaz williams

This has inspired me to make another effort to visit the Tate Modern, this time over the Millenium Bridge, and spend time at the Bhupen Khakhar exhibition. London has so much to offer, went to the Imperialwar museum at the weekend, primarily to see the Greenham exhibition, but also learnt more about the impact of the occupation of Northern Ireland which started 1969.

Sue Katz

Yes, I was sorry to miss the Imperial War Museum - but glad I made it to the Tate for this exhibition of an artist I had never heard of. Big hugs, Kaz!

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