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13 September 2016


Sheila Parks

LOVE. I hope you don't go back. I hope you don't put your new life to rest. I have a similar story. Let's have dinner sometime, or tea, and share about.

Charles Coe

Hahahaha...fantastic. You remind me of an elderly couple I saw in a mall wearing matching t-shirts that said, "We're Spending Our Grandkids'Inheritance."

Jo-Lynne Worley

I love to hear about big changes like this! We only have "our/this" money to spend in our lifetime and why not enjoy it? It adds a little je ne sais quoi/joie de vivre to our lives. We can't take it with us and we have no control over whether a Brexit happens or what wars will start,what government perfidy will happen etc. Go Sue!


Great story. I wish I'd known that's what you were doing - think of all the places we could have arranged to meet. Words like the Ritz and Savoy are running round in my head. And oh you could have had real clotted cream and home made jam with your scone, and we could have avoided canine interference that day in the park. I think we all have to be more serious about doing the lottery.

Mike Evans

Well done for realising that your sterling is only worth less if you spend it somewhere other than the UK. Here's it's worth just the same. Whilst one might have expected the fall in the currency to have caused a rise in the cost of imported items in fact inflation is steady at 0.6%.

I completely get the difficulty of knowing how to judge spending though. My mum has had to be careful all her life. She doesn't have a big pension pot but she does have savings. Some years back her financial adviser restructured things and increased the amount that would come to her monthly saying "spend it, don't save it!" But old habits die hard, and she has no need to spend it - so it builds up in her account and her finance guy pulls his hair out...

Ah, but weren't the pancakes lovely?


Great piece of writing...and great attitude!


Now you tell me, so we could have got a taxi back from the Rivoli then? Just kidding...


I'm proud to have provided, what I only now realise was much needed, assistance in your life changing (as in don't worry about the change) London project. Those ribs were damned goooooood!


I'm sorry I missed you. And not because I wanted a free meal (although those vegetable crepes do sound good...)

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