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27 September 2016


Sue O'Sullivan

In general I love Philip Roth although I I don't read everything he writes now. Maybe from the book after The Plot Against America which I liked very much. I was totally captivated by I Married a Communist and the two other books which go with that. Also The Human Stain - flawed but what a read. The one I didn't finish (I disliked it so much) is one a lot of people (mainly men?) really rate: Sabbath.
Glad you reminded me about The Plot Against America which I'll dig out and have another look at.

Sue Kelman

Having somehow missed most of Philip Roth during my formal education, in the past couple of years I've been having a little personal Roth-fest. Discovered The Plot Against America and was swept away. That led to one title after another (interspersed with other readings, just for a breather). It has been time really well spent. As someone who has hardly ever been able to read Updike, I find much more of a home with Roth. Does it have to do with being Jewish? I wonder. Perhaps. Anyway, thanks for the reminder--and I agree, these translate wonderfully to spoken books.

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