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02 October 2016


Sheila Parks

"I kept thinking that wearing them at this point in her life for every show was just about too great a price for any woman. What, after all, is the point of becoming an elder (she has sixteen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren) if you can’t rock elasticized pants, upholstered shoes, and braless / spanx-less outfits? Or am I projecting?" I am still braless after all these years.

"And she herself reminded us, from start to finish, perhaps a dozen times, that she is an elder, that she is old, and that aging is her dominant present reality. I could relate." Me too.


I was at the ballet last night, and I too became preoccupied with the performers' feet. I suspect that Gladys, like the dancers, regards her footwear as integral to her performance.

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