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29 October 2016


Sheila Parks

You are so funny. Thank you = I needed a good laugh.

I just bought mine today =$33 at Staples = but I also had a coupon

Same one I used last year and I liked it a lot then

I would love to send you a bumper sticker that will go nicely on your new planner that says "CLOSE PILGRIM NOW" I am going to put one on mine

Let me know

Mike Evans

Alas, my symbol of yuppiedom, the Filofax (actually in later years a leather bound Time Manager) bit the dust at the point that I started my Thai massage practice. My husband quite rightly demanded to know when clients would be coming to the house. A shared diary was required and transcribing from one paper thing to another was just going to be fraught with error and inconsistency. Cue the upgrade to a smart(ish)phone and use of a shared Google Calendar.


In a way I envy you. I made the transition to online a few years ago, but now I shed notes on scraps of paper in my wake, and have never been able to satisfactorily reconcile my work and home calendars (different platforms and security issues).

And if I lose connectivity, I am clueless.


Love this!!!! I remember shopping for planners so many years ago...it was indeed an important discussion....I have at this point transitioned to my ecalender but make a to do list in writing with regularity....


Not important discussion...important decision

Sue Kelman

At Staples.
2017 Weekly/Monthly Planner
Model #70-6950.

Has a good solid cover and elastic to keep it closed. Pages well marked and never curl. I have used it for a number of years and it never disappoints. Heigh thee to Staples now and get this. Also availabe from AACCO Brands, PO Box 290001, Dayton, Ohio 45429

I love it and it sells for just under $30.


Hi Sue! Glad to read this. I use Wunderlist.com although it's a task list but one can set due dates on things (birthdays or events) and have them repeat each year, so I create a list called Events for that and voila' i have a Weekly Planner. Right in my task-list app. As it's online it syncs with my desktop + mobile easily. I can click on "today" and it gives me a list of both events and to-do that have today tagged on them, and optionally prints them out with little checkboxes. I use the FREE version but there is a pay upgrade if you want I like that it's so easy to sort a task from my inbox into a sub-list and rearrange top-to bottom priority is just drag and drop.

Hope this helps you, or helps someone, Just my two cents. Sincerely, -freeTim https://www.wunderlist.com/home


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