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14 December 2016


Sheila Parks

That is great news.


I had a torn meniscus several years ago. I woke up and could not walk, was dragging my left leg behind me and it hurt a lot. I blamed it on wearing flip flops for 5 years.

I know wear mostly Birks, like I used to do a long time ago

My most wonderful acupuntcurist/gentle chiropractor healed me over time. Not totally, but enough so NO SURGERY.

Rita Connolly

In the meantime, use stool softener and fiber laxative. Narcotics are constipating.

good luck with it all. Knee problems are a bitch.

Joan Price

I am so sorry. I know pain, and I know dancing through pain, and it's horrible. I wish you speedy healing, whether it gets you to 50% or 100%. My best to you, Sue.

Gema Gray


So sorry to hear about this. I hope you get some relief soon.

The part about the cane is a perfect example of the disfunction in the healthcare system. I had a similar experience with a testing procedure for my son. No-one can tell you what the cost will be because they don't develop one pricing schedule with everything itemized and priced. The "cost" varies depending on how much insurance you have, where you have the treatment, and seemingly what day of the week it is, and who is processing the claim! It blows my mind.

Hope you get back to tripping the light fantastic as soon as possible. Thinking of you...Hugs.

Nancy Oppenheimer

Hi Sue. I've had torn meniscus on both my knees and arthritis in both. Had surgery in both and knees are great.

Mike Azzara

Hi Sue, I recently went for the three shot "Rooster Comb Injection" therapy. Painful shots under the patella, but very positive results.


Unfamiliar with the term, I googled. Imagine my consternation when I scanned the top hit: "An orthopod is a vertebrate animal with an endoskeleton..." I read on "...that cares deeply about everyone else's bones; they show their affection by beating on them with hammers and drills"

I hope yours eschews the ironmongery. Maggie has a metal knee, and much good it has done her. Look up her blog if you want to know more... actually, don't.

Mike Evans

Wot no dancin'? This is surely torture. Feeling for you on that score regardless of any pain.

Cartillage is really slow to heal - no real blood supply of its own, so dependent on nutrients from the fluid in the joint. The fluid needs to move around in order to transport said nutrients so the obvious conclusion is that you have to keep the joint moving. But moving with no weight or stress.

Brava you for looking up how to walk with the cane. At least that will help you avoid messing up your shoulders. I've had several massage clients who were released from emergency with elbow crutches with no proper adjustment or training. Predictable results.

Alan Venable

Sue, Great how you persevere and find out about studies like that! You should heal--you certainly deserve it. In the meantime, be well in all else. Also rest in the reassurance that Mencken predicted Trump 90 years ago? Poor Americans. Just people like everyone else.

Jo-Lynne Worley

So sorry Sue.
I'm a big believer in bone broth. I think its nutrients help.
Take good care.

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