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05 June 2017



Oh Katz,
Why don't you tell them how you really feel?!

Nancy Myron

thanks, my dear Katz!

Mike Evans

Amen. When you mean people say people. Not "hard working families" as our current clutch of politicians is fond of saying. Just hard working people. Not The Disabled, but disabled people, not The Elderly, but elderly people.

Rita Connolly

I don't like the "hard working" anything. The hard work ethic is not, IMO, one to be idealized. Yes, in crap economy many work hard. Those w/o jobs work hard. But why treat that like an ideal? With current technology people could work less, spend time in the ways they want, and unemployment could go down or cease. Even have time to read, think, create.

Dan McCrory

I think our experiences make us who we are and some of us have been transformed by those experiences. Though i had a dysfunctional family, I have always tried to find common ground (as a survival tactic, probably). In my opinion it takes a village to make a family so, in a sense, we are all family. And Katz, you are my union sister.


Yes, yes, yes! I am SO sick of being discounted, ignored, and rendered invisible by this usage.

eleanor roffman

agree so much with all the commentary, especially the hardworking and family comments. working is working, hardworking is a subjective distinction that separates people as does 'family'
thanks katzelah for your letter. I wonder if you will get a response. keep me posted.

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