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22 October 2017


Sue O'Sullivan

Grey day here in London. But hurrah, a beam of light! It's your birthday and you have started it off by celebrating history, friends, and comrade. I'm grateful that you're my friend, my comrade and part of my history. Have a wonderful day, on this, your 70th BD. I will be at my long-standing political study group this afternoon as you start going over there - so while discussing the state of the world and what the fuck we can do, I'll raise a cup of tea in one hand and a fist in the other to my darling, my friend, Sue. All love, your Sue downstairs xxxx

Gema Gray

Have a fantastically Happy Birthday, Katz!

Thankfully for the rest of the world, you are most definitely *not* in your dotage. Rage on!

Many hugs.

Dr Susan Corso

Katz, you were gorgeous then, and even more so now.

Happy Birthday! You make the world a better place.

Big Femme Smooch.

Mike Evans

Happy birthday Spike. Forever gorgeous. Mwah!

Shirley Clift

I am thrilled you are still as you were when I met you during your first profession, as one of your students. Your fairness of mind and devotion to the “right way to do it” have always inspired me. All is not lost, I am sure of it, and it will be back because of the influence and determination of those like you Sue. May you have many many more birthday celebrations.

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