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17 December 2017


Mike Evans

OK - I understand that "science-based" is a problem, grammatically if nothing else. Either something is scientific or it isn't but what on earth would "science-based" mean? But fetus, or foetus as we prefer here? Surely that is a word used in many medical research papers every year.



Sue Katz

Mike, I think the primary point is that the government is telling the premiere medical research organization of the country which words they can and cannot use. This is fascist. The point about fetus is ideological and anti-abortion. These are fundamentalists who believe that life starts at fertilization and that the death of a fetus is murder. All of these words represent something ideological. The administration is anti-science because they believe that God created the world in 6 days and because they do not believe in the "evidence" of climate change.


Love this.

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