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18 February 2018


Sheila Parks

Dear Sue, You are an angel. How about spending some time in the meat store.? Say an hour/day? I am very serious.

Sue Katz

I don't understand your suggestion, Sheila.

Shirley Clift

Brings tears Sue. Decades ago I immediately knew you were among the most just and most fair. Smart, tough but kind. What the world needs. This is a wonderful story. You should develop it like many of your encounters into a collection of stories. Am sure you have heard that before. All the best of 2018 from San Francisco

Sue Katz

Shirley, thanks for your lovely, generous words. I am actually working on another collection of short stories - but of fiction. Thanks for your encouragement.

Greg Morris

Hopefully Trump or his crew see this on Twitter. Of course, they won’t get it, and will think their policies are working...let Sue Katz fill in the gap between reduced assistance and market prices.

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