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25 February 2018


Amy Rose

you have me hooked on figure skating,Katz! It is like music made visible. And I didn't know that there were Gay Games. That's wonderful! Thanks for your posts and the great videos!

Sue Katz

Amy, the Gay Games are a huge event - I believe in numbers as big as the Olympics. They have been going for decades - long enough to have rifts and split in half and all sorts. Ice dancing is dance and as you put it so nicely, dance is music made visible. Exactly so!


How lovely! Did you ever skate? I can only guess how it must feel to swoop at speed like that...

Gema Gray

I too love Ice Dance, where grace and interpretation are more important than jumping prowess. Of course my love of the sport was cemented by my groundbreaking compatriots, Torville and Dean in Sarajevo. For the first time, it was the man who was the better dancer, the beter skater, the better interpreter of the music. They changed the sport in many ways and I distinctly recall them doing a move where she lifted him instead of vice versa. Alas, it was a one-off. We appear to have made very little progress since then.

For the record, I much preferred the French silver medalists, so lyrical and fluid, to the overly brash Canadians. The "Shib-Sibs" were very good but not in the same league as skaters. It *was* nice to see a different narrative. Hopefully, more will follow.

Sue Katz

Gema, I totally agree with every word you say here. I posted Torville and Dean's win last week to remind people. And there is no question that the French team was the most exquisite on the ice. The gold was given to the Canadians, with their rather SM theme, because of politics (end of their career etc).

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