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16 March 2018


Gema Gray

Katz, So sorry for your loss. You have a knack for having amazing, interesting, dynamic people in your life. You attract them and cultivate them and all are enriched by the experience. I hope that brings you some solace.

Your posting served as a reminder that I consider you to be one of the most fascinating people in my life and we really, really need to have lunch, hug, and catch up.

Sue Katz

How sweet you are! And yes, let's make a date, Gema.


A lovely and heartfelt letter, and so wonderful that she could hear it while among us. We are now at that stage in our lives when I, in particular, am taking the time to thank people I care about and tell them how much I appreciate their presences in my life.

Sue Katz

Such a good thing to do, Sue!


Wha a wonderful woman and what a wonderful friendship. My sincere condolences.

Sue Katz

You're the best Marj. Thanks so much.


Just read this beautiful piece Sue, you really do bring out the character of this wonderful sounding woman. I remember when you worked for this charity and how hard it was at times so glad such a special friendship came out of it. Sending condolences for your loss.

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