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07 August 2018


Mike Evans

I'm happy to say that I've mostly had good experiences recently at Argentine Tango classes and events. There are women who have happily lead me - and complimented me on my following. (Christina Ladas for one - I nearly swooned!) I luckily have men who know they can ask me to dance so other men see me following another man. Why is it then that men who don't know me feel they have to ask my female friends to ask me - like they are some pimp or a madam in a brothel!

Sue Katz

That is really weird Mike! A whole new weirdness. Your school is not an lgbt one, right? But who can resist dancing with you?

Mike Evans

The tango class is not LBGT, nor are most of the tango events I go to. Of course most straight men don't want to dance with me at a social dace and I respect that. I just think it's such a shame that a man who would like to dance but doesn't know me doesn't feel able to come over and ask to dance without checking with my female friends first.

Sue Katz

bizarre, indeed

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