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26 November 2018


Elizabeth Woodcraft

Another lovely piece, Sue. Thank you.

Mike Evans

Sorry to hear of your loss dear Sue. What a handsome man young Jake was!

Recent events marking the end of WW1 seeming more like a celebration of militarism. We have almost lost the generation who remember the second war, the horror of it, how unnecessary it was and how the causes of it could have been avoided. In many ways I suspect their fear of a repeat has kept us safe for so long.


A charming tribute, full of warmth and love.


What a beautiful tribute to your uncle. He seemed like a wonderful man. My heart breaks for your loss.


Jake Katz...great name. It says so much. I love how well you remember him, his kindness to you, and his life. These are the memories that can sustain us. Jake's was a meaningful American story...one of so many, but important to capture. My deep sympathies to your loss and to the passing of what sounds like a kind and affectionate man.

Verandah Porche

Katzela, Uncle Jake spanned the generation between Saul and you. Your dad helped to open up possibilities for his kid brother, and Jake was gifted with an open mind. Did he live to witness the massacre at Squirrel Hill? Hope not.

Love to you.

Sue Katz

He was alive during the massacre and I tried calling him (left a msg), but I think by then he was in the hospital and not exactly aware of current events. Love you, V.

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