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26 December 2018


Sheila Parks

THANKS FOR THIS. When I used to walk around Harvard Square I always
took money with me on purpose to give to houseless people, and especially, like you, women and people of color.

Some times I gave $1 and often gave $10 or $20.

I also do not walk around the Square very much these days. And do give when I stop at lights also

I also give to people I know who need money,

My mother, long gone from this plane, used to give to Rosie's Place and always said that her friends never did. For my mother, it was her most important giving. And so although I have problems with Rosies I do give to them once a yea, remembering my mother, weeping as I type.

I am going to forward your post to a good friend in Portland, Oregon who works with houseless people - her term - she is amazing. She does not do this through any agency or alphabet soup group, etc, She simply works with the houseless people on the streets.


Patricia Gilbert

Excellent, Sue. Your promise of no judgement should be the bottom line for everyone. My mantra is compassion. It comes down to the same action. Someone is in need and we do what we can.


You Are so Right On, Katz! Especially this: "Once given, it’s their money." Indeed, it is of no further concern to the giver what anyone will spend that money on.

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