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28 January 2019


Charles D Coe

It's amusing how some people are surprised when a "comic" like McCarthy or Steve Carrell or Jim Carrey turns in a fine dramatic performance. What is film comedy but ACTING? Interesting though that a lot of serious actors can't do comedy...interesting review; now II'll have to make a point of seeing that...,

Sue Katz

I'm glad you're going to see it, Charles. I think you'll dig it.

Elliot Blinder

Hey Sue - Since we all love the movies and love to write about them, perhaps we could make this a Thing. I am rebooting my Blog: Elliots Window and will start posting them there, but if you have the Flixster App you can read a number of my reviews there .Some recent or favorite entries: On The Basis of Sex; Bohemian Rhapsody; The Catcher Was a Spy;"I, Tonya" or Gotti.

Sue Katz

Not sure what you mean by "make this a thing." I have been blogging for many years and write about many things - and do short film reviews sometimes. And sometimes I just post my view on Facebook.

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