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17 February 2019


Mike Evans

For some reason which I fail to understand, we don't instil the concept of compassion at school or it seems at home. We don't write it into the constitutions of or organisations or corporations either.

Dr Susan Corso

Katz! I'm so sorry this happened to you, and I'm very glad you're alright.

As for the twenty-something behavior--it's terrifying. This business of living in our own little worlds is begging for change. Thanks for standing up for what was right--just because it was right.

Patricia Hilliard

What crossed my mind immediately--was she texting or on social media? Is that why she didn't see what was ahead of her. You might want to get her phone use record. I know what you mean about taking years to recover with chiros and PT. Good luck in your recovery.

Sue Katz

That never occurred to me Patricia, but you're probably exactly right!!

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