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20 May 2019



George Sherwood seems lovely and I've enjoyed his art for a while now. Your trip sounds like the perfect balm. I've been concerned that world affairs has you so stirred up, angry, and frustrated, that you're not giving yourself sufficient down-time to regroup, recharge those amazing batteries, and feed your soul. Please take care of yourself.
Love, The Other Sue

Mary Fusoni

Thanks for this, Sue! I need a kick in the butt to get myself to Tower Hill, and this may do it. I have already discovered that downtown Clinton has a sweet, relaxing row of stores and restaurants on the main street, with a park and river nearby. Clinton is the halfway meeting-for-lunch place for me and a friend who lives in Barre.


Finally journeyed to Tower Hill thanks to you, Sue. Lovely trip with 2 friends and a dog.
Thanks to you!!!

Sue Katz

That's so great!!!

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