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21 November 2019



I"m expecting an invite for tea to review your decorative changes. Milk + 1 Spenda please.

Tracy Moore

Katz, are those stunning pieces available for purchase by the less fortunate? Please share info!!

Dr Susan Corso

Katz, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Brilliant! And I'm sure the website where you bought the cabinets said: "Some assembly."
Mazel tov on a grown-up living room!


Debi is a woman after my own heart: I get a real kick out of assembling flat-pack furniture. On more than one occasion I have opened boxes at the foot of the stairs and carried the contents up piecemeal. In fact, once, I did that in the IKEA parking lot in order to get the item (a desk, maybe?) into the car.

That said, the funniest thing about all this, to me, is the word "credenza". It's a sideboard!

Sue Katz

Marj, it is actually listed as a "cabinet" but it serves me, doubled, as a credenza. Not sure what's funny. And not sure how you are distinguishing between sideboard and credenza. Do explain.

Susan Fekety

My favorite writings are about things that come up that are real. This is wonderful. So glad you posted it! Congratulations on the accelerated evolution of your living space. Hope to see you soon on the dance floor —

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