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18 December 2019


Gema Gray

Your travelogues never disappoint Katz. What a wonderful trip. Now I want to take my dodgy ankles and follow in your footsteps.

Sue Katz

So wonderful to hear from you dear Gema!! Yes, it's a great road trip.

Stan Eichner

What a wonderful travelogue! As always ur writing is incredibly evocative and powerful. I’ve been to Sedona & Grand Canyon & although I came back with vibrant photographic images ur words paint even more vibrant images. Thx so much for sharing ur writing ✍️.

Dr Susan Corso

Katz, these are all places I saw as a child when we lived in Arizona, and you've done them proud! Thanks, as always, for the wonderful trip.

Sue Katz

Your photos of the area are beyond stunning, Stan!! Inspiring.

Sue Katz

Wow, I didn't know that about your childhood Susan! Perhaps growing up in such beauty explains your incomparable sense of style!

Kaz Williams

Thank you Sue for transporting me to a totally different and new landscape. Sounds an amazing trip ( aside from start ad end travel!).
As always, so beautifully written.

Sue Katz

You'd love it, Kaz. Put it on your list!

Suzanne DesRosiers

That was a wonderful trip down memory lane! Thanks for the great travelogue. I thought the church was an example of excellence in architecture restrained in simplicity and respectful to the environment. Mark was definitely a bonus to your travels! Good for you and Barry. Now I long to return.

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