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08 February 2020


Sheila Parks

Great article. Thanks. I have learned both emotionally and spiritually that I need to ask for what I want. Period.


Well done, Sue!


Good for you! I hate the way that even when it's not your fault, it costs you time, money, patience...


Katzela, sorry you were involved in 2 mishaps. Good advice is so helpful. You handled this perfectly. The judge seemed to recognize how important these cases are and never surrendered to the tedium of same old same old. I have had similar experience in bringing evidence and having my say. But really, I shudder to thing you could have been mangled.

Gregory Morris

Doesn't sound like it's your month to drive. I have an old bicycle helmet you can borrow if you need to get behind the wheel again. Moral of the story...always go to court when cited.

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