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25 April 2020


Sheila Parks

Thanks dear Katz. Wonderful story - again. You are such a great writer

Dr Susan Corso

Katz. Always and forever. Big kiss!


I particularly like Katzilla.


I have always thought of you as Katz (never Kitty - heaven forfend), but I am partial to the Yiddishization of your name. Since we share the name Sue, I, too, have struggled with having to explain that it's not Susan. My family (some of them) call me Suzie (as I've chosen to spell it). But people who know me best often happen upon the name that my Grandpa Mike (Meyer) and Grandma Annie used to call me -- and it's the one I love the best: Suselah.
Be well, Katz.

Debi L

Go Katz! Hereby adopted. I resonate with your article, as I have never liked my name either. But I have not been able to come up with an alternative that I prefer. Most of my friends call me Debi Levine, presumably to distinguish me from other Debi’s that they know, but I always joke that it’s because my personality requires at least four syllables. I have one friend who, when she wants to tease me, calls me Debbie, long emphasis on the first syllable, which I absolutely hate, because it makes it Makes it sound like a joke. And don’t get me started with Deborah. So in the meantime, when you’re feeling loving towards me, I give you permission to call me to DeButchkaleh, As my mom often does, tho without the Capitol B.

Gila Svirsky

I remember seeing you in Boston years after we were activists together in Jerusalem (where you had taught basic, self-protective judo to the Women in Black, which greatly boosted our self confidence). In Boston, I had a momentary lapse of memory, and addressed you as "Sue" - which sounded funny to me, too, after I had said it. You looked at me as if I had dropped in from outer space. "Katz," you responded, and that was sufficient.


Katzelah,my dear, I can give you an ah, because you are a revelation. And you match Verandah.


Katz it is. Always such wonderful revelation in your writing. You make me happy.

Tracy Moore

Haven’t I always called you Katz?
Love, Tracy

Alicia Bay Laurel

Katz fits perfectly. Cats are dancers, rebels, cool, grace in motion, unconquerable. So glad you voiced your preference.

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