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01 May 2020



I'm with you on the sobbing thing.


Love love love! This piece - this experience - really moved me. For the way you experienced spring for the first time, for the way Barry drove you around so you could see your town, for the way you got your food, but most of all, for the deep connection between the two of you that I could literally feel right through the words. For his huge smile, and for your delighted laughter. 💞

Gema Gray

Oh Katz! It was wonderful to go on your journey with you. Thank you so much for sharing.

Maybe after all this is over, we will be more appreciative of these small, but very significant pleasures and connections that we typically take for granted.

Elizabeth Woodcraft

Lovely piece. I was with you at every blossom-filled tree.


You've got to find a way to get out of your apartment. If you had an n-95 mask, would you feel safer? Or maybe a couple? Could you go somewhere rural for a few weeks -- someone in the woods with a granny flat? This is obviously not sustainable for the long run. We need solutions for seniors, because this isolation is going to kill us.

Shirley Clift

Well! I cried like a little kid too when I read this! I know your free as a bird spirit is bruised now I could feel it in every word. I am so sorry. But I also am so happy that you have such a wonderful friend in Barry. Many of your admirers and friends are thinking about you-you are not alone.

Laura Tillem

Both those shows are our goto comfort food, though we finished Doc Martin a while ago. Now we are on the third detective in paradise.


So touching to read of the love, care, and, friendship you share with Barry and Sandy. You are all lucky and blessed and reading your piece filled me with warmth and a few tears.
Pasta and Doc Martin are the perfect pairing for almost anything that ails you. Oh hell, they are perfect for every day!
Do glad you got some!

Michelle Wolpert Kum

As I sit on my front porch drinking my morning coffee with the girls. I cried the entire time I was reading this Sue. Not because it made me sad, but because of your beautiful friendship. Love to you and Barry!


I was very moved by this and am thinking of you and sending virtual hugs. I agree that daily connection with one or two others is so important so Anna, my sister and I are speaking to my mum daily. At least here the daily exercise walk has still been possible for all but the very highest risk groups. I’ve cried more in this last month than the last 6 months - it’s an intense time. Take care lots of love, Nicola xxx

Timothy Kukler

Thank you as always for this blog, Sue. Thanks also for mentioning Twyrl that's a good thing they are doing. Love the images you've shared with us here it was like riding in the car with him for us too. !

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