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05 July 2020


Sheila Parks

Thanks as always Sue, for your writing and stories. SO glad you have phone back and safe with you.


Wonderful writing. You make such a tense, taut story out of a daily incident. The last paragraph is superb. And good lessons. I still think I can handle “out of routine” activity ie taking along 2 pair of glasses, sunglasses and other ones, not in a familiar carrying device, and guess what—one pair inevitably disappears—sadly sometimes permanently!

Tracy M Moore

I praise Shirley's first four sentences commenting on Katz's essay--a real keeper.


When I can't find my phone, it is almost always on a windowsill or shelf in the bathroom, because after the third time a phone fell out of my back pocket and straight down the toilet, I developed the reflex of taking it out beforehand.

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