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31 August 2020


Sheila Parks

FYI:: I do not go into stores either or any place else for that matter

I do shop at Pemberton Farms in Cambridge. I order on line and can pick up the very next day. I leave a check in my trunk for them, open the trunk and they put my food in.

I am an organic vegetarian for 40 years and they have all kinds of organic food. Definitely a miracle and a gift from the Universe

I do then have to schlep it up three flights of stairs. that is good exercise, though, and I will not use the elevator - that was always true since I moved in and certainly now with Covid.

I wish I had a Barry around.

Love your writing.

That is it for now

Do you pray at all? If so, please send some over here

Sending you wishes for lots of miracles - too many to count


Jane Heaney

Ok Sue, you know I am a fan of your writing, but this one stands out for me as just about perfection. I love the melon face reference to Castaway's Wilson. And the naming - Melonia! So glad you are being well tended to by your shopper and that Melonia is about done!


LOL — cantaloupe juice is a thing (in Asia, at least). Good as a mixer in alcoholic drinks. You could also freeze cubes or balls, I think (since you can buy frozen cantaloupe balls). Someone gifted my daughter 5 pounds of okra from their garden, and she's been cooking imaginative okra dishes for weeks now.


Tickled that you are a fellow dollar store afficionada.

Maggie once asked me to bring her a canteloupe, but none of them were ripe, so I got a Galia instead. She was grumpy about it, but when she tasted that sweet, orange flesh, her eyes popped in amazement.


Wonderful story, Sue! I could very nearly taste each and every bite. Next time you get to much watermelon, I’m coming over!

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