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01 November 2020


Sheila Parks

As always, dear Sue, your writing is emotionally warm and loving

Tracy Moore

Thanks Katz—You got me tearing up over morning tea. Big hug.

Mary Mumford

So, so sad to lose her. A truly wonderful person who helped so many people. Please let me know when there will be a service. I would like to send conduit Sheri.
My love,
Mary Mumford

Debi Levine

Beautiful tribute- and I was not aware of this documentary, will watch it today, thanks.

Mardi Reed

Thank you, Sue,

Lois and Sheri were such a loving example of the love that lesbians can share. Lois was supportive of me and inviting me to show my art at the Spring House.
I have missed seeing Lois this past year and she will be dearly missed! Mardi R

Mary Mumford

I think there needs to be a plaque somewhere in honor of Lois. Perhaps in the state house? We could all make contributions towards this.

Ann Burkhardt

I think a plaque to Lois’ memory is a wonderful idea. Perhaps at a tree planted in the Public Gardens?

Susan Saris

Thank you for sharing this tribute Sue. I did not know Lois but feel deep gratitude for all she gave and created.

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