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15 November 2020


James R Dubro

I agree. There’s something missing. And it’s gets damned repetitive especially In the chess games themselves. But riveting at times Not a very likeable character. Captured the period well though I played chess in my teens & high school chess club but it was pretty boring overall :). Cheers. James


I watched exactly one-half of one episode and turned it off. I didn’t like the character at all. Thanks for your insightful review. Now I know I’ll not bother.


Halfway through at the moment and enjoying it. (I never binge watch.) I have a woman friend who plays chess at national level and she liked it (fwiw). I think the main character is on the spectrum and that makes sense to me without having to be an Issue.


Wonderfully insightful review Sue. I was so happy to be engaged in not thinking about the election and Covid that although I thought something was off while I was watching it, I didn't have your keen observations. Bravo!

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