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11 March 2021



WONDERFUL piece of writing. So much thoughtfulness contained in 4 walls! Thank you, and love you, my friend.


Sue when you mentioned Tae Kwon Do tears came to my eyes. I had been very close to it while reading your update anyway and that put me over the top. That is where I met you long ago when you were my talented, articulate, super tough (!!) but very fair teacher here in San Francisco. I still admire you now as much as I did then. How you got through this past year, in your little place way up there, alone but with help from incredible friends, and can turn the smallest task into a special adventure for the rest of us (I can actually see your bundle of laundry sailing down to a dramatic landing) is mind blowing. Please keep writing this story, especially now, as I, and many others, need it, to make it through these last laps. Thank you from your loving friend in SF!


Happy anniversary. I am so glad you have a Barry and a balcony. I live with Ma and we have a garden and a conservatory. Without egress, I think we would go mad.

Joan Price

Such a wonderful post! This deserves publication beyond your blog. It shows how strong you were in your coping skills, your self-care, your ability to make the most of your isolation. Thank you.

Sheila Parks

Hello dear Sue

I somehow never feel comfortable calling you "Katz". Not sure why.

THANK YOU for this wonderful writing.

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