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11 September 2021


Michael Gordon Penn

This is a wonderful review of a project I have to thank it's writer and director Ife Franklin for, her having me do a role I found most difficult and challenging to my spirit, actually, because of how I feel about the entire subject of slavery. But this film is a totally about the strength and endurance of LOVE. Through Ife's direction, and all of the cast and other crew members support and bonding, the way in which we did all of my acting efforts were made just that, good acting. Thank you Sue Katz. Thank all involved with this wonderful production.

Theodore J. Kerecz

After viewing this incredible work twice; I must say how impressed I am. The attention to specific details and dialog; truly conveys the drama and the intensity of that time.
Imagining myself as any of the characters, I could only try to understand the fear, uncertainties, and the conflict each character experienced. Michael Gordon Penn's portrayal of the overseer is strong. He is a figure who must have risen to his power and status, by "selling out" himself. There has to be conflict in his heart between being a slave of higher status, and to knowing the struggles of those yearning to be free.
Ms. Qualina Lewis represents a person determined to keeping her tribal rituals long passed on between generations. Yet, she is at the crossroads between slavery and freedom. She is afraid of both, yet knowingly trusts her family for securing her way to another life.
Ifé Franklin and Letta Neely have crafted a beautiful story, both in words and vision, that pays honor to the struggles of freedom, compassion, and determination.

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