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19 September 2022


Sue Kelman

Despite many mixed feelings about the Monarchy, I couldn't help but be moved by the complete funeral ceremony and the people and commentary of folks looking on. I personally, do own a fascinator. I wore it to go shopping once on Election Day, and again I don't quite remember when. Like you, Sue, I also lived in England for a time, working as a reporter about 50 miles outside London. I was assigned to go to another reporter's house to watch and comment upon Princess Anne's first wedding. The year was about 1973 I think. However, I WAS cautioned that while I could write all of my reflections on the day, I was not, under any circumstances, to criticise the Monarchy. And I didn't.

Sue O'Sullivan

Remembering that flat well Sue. I've just sent you a private rant after watching the royal funeral which I too had going both in the background - and sometimes full on - for far too much of the day. The many republicans or just people who don't give a damn about the royal family - any of them - didn't exist. Frustrating to see 'the nation' represented as prostrate with grief. Let's not mention the, er, king. But of course he will be mentioned and I will end up shrieking loudly at the TV screen. God save my voice ha ha.

Sue Katz

Sue Kelman, I bet you carry off a fascinator with real style! They're weird and interesting.

And Sue O, you and I are as one about the royal family.

Thanks to you both for reading the blog.


I'm not sure I should comment -- my name's not Sue!

Funnily enough I was in this part of London yesterday. My niece is renting a fancy-schmancy apartment overlooking the new stadium. You wouldn't recognise that bit, but thankfully much of Georgian Holloway survives. I hope your church apartment does too, although if it does, these days it's probably an Airbnb...

Sue Katz

Fancy-schmancy in Holloway?!? Of course I say the same thing about Dalston/Hackney. No, I wouldn't recognise it.

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